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Although I am not the best photogropher around by any means, I managed to receive the Readers Choice Award Winner as well as have my second image receive Readers Choice Honorable Mention. Much thanks go out to my wife for helping me hone my skills and to all those who support my animals and I. Hopefully I can follow this up with another win for 2015.

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Gecko Times - Bold Stripe

We all know when we see something we have to have as well as something that may need to be changed or refined.  Very seldom do you see both of these characteristics in a single morph.  Bold Stripes have always been one of my favorite morphs due to their deep dark bold colors and their full length stripes.  I saw the morph and knew there was something different I wanted to do with them.  My goal was to produce more reduced pattern Bold Stripes with thicker darker stripes. 

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Acid Stripe


This project began in 2008 with the pairing of a Firewater x Raining Red Stripe.  After seeing how well the two lines worked together we could tell that with some refinement we would have a unique gecko.  At this time we had a very small collection and only held back a 1.7 from this project (all but 4 babies produced from the pairing). We also sold the original male from this pairing to fund another project we were working on at the time.

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Most Underrated Gecko - U. phantasticus

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Shannon's "Quickie" - Acid Stripes

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